Thursday 7 August 2014

Media personality and The University of Sydney’s Mathematics and Science Ambassador, Adam Spencer, visited his daughters’ local primary school to wish the students good luck in the 37th annual Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank.

AMC Day with Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer celebrates 2014 AMC Day with excited students

Adam believes passionately in the need to promote the importance of mathematics and demonstrates his commitment by providing voluntary maths tutoring at the school. With his encouragement, the school entered the AMC for the first time. Adam’s daughters and their schoolmates joined the nearly 30,000 students new to competing in the AMC.

Students of all levels of ability, from all types of schools in vastly different locations around the country, sat a 75-minute secondary paper or a 60-minute primary paper which contained some quirky questions with an emphasis on fun and problem solving.

Adjunct Professor Mike Clapper, Executive Director of the not-for-profit Australian Mathematics Trust, which administers the competition, said,

‘We were delighted to welcome a number of Australian schools who will be participating in this historic competition for the first time, especially primary schools, as encouraging the study of maths at an early age is vital. It is also good to see entry numbers increase in the Northern Territory and the ACT’.

‘The competition is designed to be accessible to all students but it also identifies the most talented, who can then go on to a series of Trust enrichment programs that nurture their special ability and may lead to success, such as for the two Australian students who topped this year’s International Mathematical and Informatics Olympiads, achieving perfect scores, gold medals and tying for first ranking globally’, he added.