1994 BH Neumann Awards

The 1994 BH Neumann Awardees were Fred Bishop, Peter Brown, Anne Penfold Street, Marta Sved and Robert Thompson. The available citations follow.

Peter Brown

[Peter Brown]

Peter Brown with Professor Bernhard Neumann after receiving his BH Neumann Award at The Hermitage restaurant, Canberra, November 1994.

Anne Penfold Street

[Anne Street]

Professor Anne Penfold Street receives her BH Neumann Award from Professor BH Neumann at a function held at the University of Queensland in 1994.

Marta Sved

[Marta Sved]

Marta Sved with Keith Hamann at a function in Adelaide on Thursday 10 June 1999.

Robert (Bob) Thompson

[Bob Thompson]

Bob Thompson with Peter O’Halloran, Professor Bernhard Neumann and daughters after receiving his BH Neumann Award at Daniel’s restaurant, Manuka, Canberra, 20 May 1994.

[Bob Thompson]