AMT Board

Mr Greg Taylor, Chair

AO, former Executive Director IMF Washington, and former Secretary of three Australian Government departments

Adjunct Professor Mike Clapper

Executive Director, Australian Mathematics Trust

Dr Michael Evans

ICE-EM, Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

Professor Robert Fitzgerald

Faculty of Education, University of Canberra

Professor Andrew Hassell

ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Australian National University; representing Australian Mathematical Society

Mr Will Morony

Executive Officer of Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers, representing AAMT on Board

Dr Sarah Pearson

CEO, ANU Enterprise Pty Ltd, Australian National University

Professor Cheryl Praeger

AM FAA, school of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Western Australia; Chair of Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee, a department of the Trust; member of the BH Neumann Award Committee

Mr Howard Reeves

Chair of Australian Mathematics Foundation

Professor Hyam Rubinstein

FAA, University of Melbourne, representing the Australian Academy of Science

Professor Leon Sterling

Pro-Vice Chancellor (Digital Technologies), Swinburne University of Technology; Chair of Australian Informatics Olympiad Committee, a department of the Trust

Mr Alan Tippett

Public Relations Consultant, Aim and Associates Pty Ltd

Mr Dennis Trewin

AO FASSA, Statistical consultant, former Australian Statistician (2000 – 2007)