Australian Mathematics Foundation

The Australian Mathematics Foundation (AMF) administers the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC).

Mr Howard Reeves, Chair

AMC State Director, TAS

Mr Bill Akhurst

AMC State Director, NSW

Mr Warren Atkins

Member, NSW

Mr John Bament

AMC State Director, NT

Ms Sally Bakker

Deputy Chair

Adj. Prof Mike Clapper

Chair, Problems Committees

Mr Gus Gale ONZM

AMC National Director, New Zealand

Mr Bruce Henry

AMC State Director, VIC

Dr Andrew Kepert

AMF Problems Committees Coordinator

Mr Graham Meiklejohn

AMC State Director, QLD

Mr Bob Thompson


Ms Anna Nakos

AMC State Director, SA

Ms Rachel Theunissen

AMC State Director, WA

History of the AMF

This Department dates back to 11 April 1976, when a committee to run a mathematics competition in Canberra was formed at a meeting at the home of Peter O’Halloran. In 1978 the committee became the management committee of the Australian Mathematics Competition and was later incorporated as Australian Mathematics Foundation Limited. In 1992 it combined with the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee to become a sub-Trust of the new Australian Mathematics Trust. Under a later re-structure the sub-Trusts of the Trust became Departments.

The AMF Committee historically comprised staff of the University of Canberra, but through its network of national and state directors, members of the problems committee and moderators, it draws on a wide national and international volunteer force.