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Australian Informatics Competition: Sample Questions

The Australian Informatics Competition has 15 questions. The first six are traditional multiple choice format like the first three sample questions below. The last nine will be three sets of three questions such as the Referendum question below. These nine answers will each be a number in the range 0 to 999 which students can fill in on the supplied mark-sense sheet.

The paper has a time limit of one hour. These questions are chosen to help identify a talent for computer programming, and the event is an ideal activity for a class in mathematics.

These questions are based on questions from past AIC papers. The data in the questions has been changed, so the answers will be different. In all other respects, the questions are the same.

A book of 2005-2010 past questions, with answers and solutions is available for purchase from the AMT Bookshop.

Sample Questions

Set 2 Questions

Set 2 Solutions

For assistance, please contact:

Dr David Clark - AIC Problems Committee Chair