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The 2010 AMC

First posted Friday 03 September 2010, last update Wednesday 16 February 2011.

The 2010 AMC, the 33rd AMC, was held on Thursday 05 August. Medal results are announced below.

The Australian medals were presented by Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC CVO, Governor of New South Wales, at Government House Sydney, on Friday 12 November 2010.

The medallists are shown on the steps of Government House with Governor Marie Bashir in front, and Board Chairman Mr Greg Taylor and Executive Director Professor Peter Taylor, both at rear.

Stacey Law, who won a Bronze medal at IMO Germany 2009 and a Silver Medal at IMO Kazakhstan 2010, speaks on behalf of students and relates some of her experiences in the Olympiads.


Philippine medals were presented in Manila on Friday 22 October 2010 at a function at the Summit Ridge Hotel, Tagaytay, above Taal Lake. The function was attended by Australia's Deputy Ambassador, Mr Andrew Byrne, DOST Assistant Secretary Mr Robert O Dizon, DOST's Science Education Institute Director Dr Ester Ogena, Mathematics Trainers Guild Director Dr Simon Chua and Professor Peter Taylor.

The presentation was held in parallel to a conference at Taal Lake to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Mathematics Trainers Guild of the Philippines, attended by 520 teachers.

The medallists with Deputy Ambassador Byrne, from left Nathaniel Ryan Ang, Mikaela Angelina Uy, Carmela Antoinette Lao and Seanne Daphne Ng.

Carmela Antoinette Lao speaks in response. At right is Mr Robert Dizon, sitting next to Mr Andrew Byrne. This was Carmela's second AMC medal. She also won a Bronze Medal at IMO, Bremen, 2009, where she met Fields Medallist Terry Tao, and a Silver Medal at the 2010 IMO in Astana, Kazakhstan.


Indonesian medals were presented in Jakarta on Monday 25 October 2010 at the Novotel Mangga Dua Hotel. Pictured are Mr Ridwan Saputra, Director of the Mathematics Education Clinic, Peter Tirtowijoyo Young, Putri Fajar Wulandari, Christa Lorenzia Soesanto, Mr JJ Herjaya of the Mathematics Education Clinic and Professor Peter Taylor.


Singapore medals were presented at the Novotel Hotel, Clarke Quay, on Thursday 28 October 2010, by the First Secretary of the Australian High Commission, Dr Anton Alblas.

At front, from left medallists Jansen Jarret Sta Maria, Zhou Yichen, Ke Yuxuan, Khu Boon Tat Daren and Li Tiansheng. Behind are Dr Alblas (left) and Professor Taylor.


Malaysian medals were presented at the New Era College, Kajang, near Kuala Lumpur on Sunday 31 October 2010.

Pictured with Professor Taylor are, from left, Khong Yi Kye, Chong Zhen Hui and How Si Wei.

New Zealand

New Zealand medals were presented in Christchurch on Monday 08 November 2010 at the Green Room, Burnside High School, by the National Director for the AMC in New Zealand, Mr Gus Gale. Pictured are the two medallists who were able to attend, Aimee Wolsey and Hayley Haskell. Two others, Malcolm Granville and Jeffrey Mei, both in Year 12, were unable to attend because of exam commitments in Auckland.


Medals were presented to two students in Bangkok on Wednesday 16 February 2011. The senior staff of the school are seen with the the Director of Patumwan Demonstration School Somluk Channoi on Professor Taylor's left and Head of Mathematics James Sayer on his right. The two medallists in front are Nipun Pitimanaaree (l) and Weerachai Neeranartvong (r). As a Year 10 student, Nipun won an IMO Gold Medal for Thailand at Astana, Kazakhstan.


A medal was presented to Brian Chen at the International Bilingual School, Hsinchu, on the morning of Wednesday 23 February 2011.

Brian is pictured here with, from left, Dean of the School Helen Jou, Professor Taylor, Principal of the National Experimental High School at Hsinchu Science Park (NEHS) Christine Huang and Taiwan Director of the Australian Mathematics Competition Mr Sun Wen-Hsien. In 2010 Brian also won a Gold Medal in the Asian Pacific Mathematics Olympiad.

Later in the day another medal was presented at Dun Hua Junior High School, Taipei, to Ho Hsing Yieh.

Hsing Yieh is pictured here with, from left, Mr Sun, teacher Kue Shu-Hsien, Professor Taylor, his father and teacher Fu Shu Ting. Hsing Yieh also won an AMC medal in 2009.

On the following day two further medals were presented. The first was presented to Lin Ting Chun (David Lin) at Taichung Municipal Hui-Wen High School.

David is shown with from left Mr Sun, national AMC director, his mother Mrs Lin, Professor Taylor and School Secretary Chen Chao-Ling.

Later in the day another medal was presented at Ming-Dao School, Taichung County, to Emily Kay Huang.

Emily is shown with from left senior teacher Victoria Lin, Professor Taylor, her maths teacher Bin Lin-Sy and Assistant Principal Chen Chao Hua.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong medals were presented at a function at the Polytechnic University on Monday 28 February 2011.

From left Dr Anissa Chan, Principal St Paul's Educational College, Mr Phil Ingram, Senior Trade Commissioner, Australian Consulate General in Hong Kong, Andy Loo, Chan Chun Hong Nigel, Professor Walter Yuen, Vice President, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Taylor, Ma Lok Man, Lau Chun Ting, Mr Lee Pak Leung, Chief Development Officer, Hong Kong Education Bureau.

AMC Medallists from the Junior, Intermediate & Senior Divisions
ANG Nathaniel Ryan Xavier School PHI 8
ARYAN Alok Rani Public School IND 8
CHAN Nigel Chung Hong* St Paul's Co-Educational College HKG 8
CHERRYH Michael Gold Creek School ACT 7
CHIA Benjamin All Saints' College WA 8
CHO Ming En* Hwa Chong Institution SIN 8
GUNNING Alexander Glen Waverley Secondary College VIC 7
HASKELL Hayley St Peter's School Cambridge NZ 8
JANSEN Jarret Sta Maria Raffles Institution SIN 8
JIN Charley James Ruse Agricultural High School NSW 7
LAU Chun Ting* St Paul's Co-Educational College HKG 7
LIN Ting Chun Taichung Municipal Hui-Wen High School TAI 7
NG Seanne Daphne St Jude Catholic School PHI 8
PANTEV Tsvetelin Childrens Academy 21st Century BUL 7
PHAM Sampson Corinda State High School QLD 8
QIAN Yi-Hui* Suzhou Lida School CHN 8
SHI Kevin James Ruse Agricultural High School NSW 8
SOESANTO Christa Lorenzia* Surya Institute: Santa Laurensia IDN 8
SUN Matthew Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School VIC 8
UY Mikaela Angelina St Jude Catholic School PHI 8
WOLSEY Aimee The Correspondence School NZ 8
YOUNG Peter Tirtowijoyo Mathematics Education Clinic IDN 8
ZHANG Karen Pymble Ladies' College NSW 7
ZHANG Yumeng Immanuel College SA 8
AGISILAOU Adrian Balwyn High School VIC 10
BISWAS Amartya Shankha Dav Model School IIT Kharagpur IND 9
CHAPAROV Yordan Maths School - Atanas Radev - Yambol BUL 10
CLYMO-ROWLANDS Rowan The Friends' School TAS 10
DIEP Tam Keilor Downs Secondary College VIC 10
HO Hsing Yieh Taipei Municipal Dunhua Junior High School TAI 9
KE Yuxuan Raffles Institution SIN 10
KIM Se Yeun Chatswood High School NSW 10
KOR Chong Luck Ryan* Raffles Institution SIN 10
LAO Carmela Antoinette St Jude Catholic School PHI 10
LOO Andy St Paul's Co-Educational College HKG 10
MA Lok Man King Ling College HKG 10
NEERANARTVONG Weerachai Patumwan Demonstration School THA 10
PITIMANAAREE Nipun Patumwan Demonstration School THA 10
REID James Radford College ACT 10
TRINH Steven Melbourne High School VIC 10
WULANDARI Putri Fajar Mathematics Education Clinic IDN 10
XU Yanning St Peter's College SA 10
YOU Yu Hao Taipei Chenggong High School TAI 9
ZHOU Yichen Catholic High School (Secondary) SIN 10
CHEN Brian International Bilingual School at the Hsinchu-Science-Park TAI 11
CHONG Aaron Doncaster Secondary College VIC 12
CHONG Zhen Hui Kluang Chong Hwa High School MAL 12
DE SILVA Raveen James Ruse Agricultural High School NSW 12
GRANVILLE Malcolm Auckland Grammar School NZ 12
HUANG Emily Kay Ming-Dao High School, Taichung County TAI 11
KHOO Thomas St Peter's College SA 12
KHU Boon Tat Daren Hwa Chong Institution SIN 12
LAW Stacey James Ruse Agricultural High School NSW 12
LEI Yitao All Saints Anglican Senior School QLD 12
LI Tiansheng Hwa Chong Institution SIN 12
MAKELOV Aleksandar Math School - Nikola Obreshkov - Bourgas BUL 12
MEI Ming-Yi Jeffrey Westlake Boys High School NZ 12
PARK Kiho Mt Waverley Secondary College VIC 12
RYBA Christopher The Hutchins School TAS 12
RYOO Sang Woo Chungbuk Science High School KOR 11
WONG Cynthia Somerville House QLD 11
WONG Sampson James Ruse Agricultural High School NSW 12
YU Angel Perth Modern School WA 11

* denotes perfect score: Peter O'Halloran certificate

Primary School Perfect Scores: Peter O'Halloran Certificates
Middle Primary
CHOU I Kuan Tainan Municipal Cheng-gong Elementary School TAI 4
COOPER Linus Homebush West Public School NSW 4
Upper Primary
CHOU Yi Municipal Minsheng Junior High School TAI 6
GAN Li Meng SJK (C) KUO Kuang MAL 6
WIXTED Barton Warwick Christian College QLD 7
YU HOI WAI Harry La Salle Primary School HKG 5