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Australian Statistics Poster Competition 2008

First posted Tuesday 26 November 2008, last revision Friday 19 December 2008

Results are now known for the 2008 Australian Statistics Poster Competition. Prizes have been awarded as follows:

National prize ($200)

Andrew Loizou, Marcus Jones, Hayden Dimitrovski (year 9), Sylvania High School, NSW.
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Junior Secondary

ACT/Southern NSW prize ($100): Clare Barcham, Madeleine Plevey (year 8), Bega High School, NSW
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NSW prize ($100): Alana Gazy, Kayla Madonis (year 9), Sylvania High School
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Queensland prize ($100): Teagan Cooper, Lauren Butler, Dominee Klein (year 9), Toowoomba State High School (Mr Lofty Campus)

Western Australia prize ($100): Jamie Jongeling, George Marios (year 4), St Stephen's School

Victoria prize ($100): Shannon Hayes, Elizabeth Wilson (year 8), Pakenham Secondary College

South Australia prize ($100): Rebecca Boyle, Gabi Scanlon (year 9), Gleeson College

Upper Secondary

Queensland prize ($100): Tamara Gunasena, Thushani Adikari, Susannah Gattas (year 10), Somerville House