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Australian Statistics Poster Competition 2011

Posted Saturday 05 November 2011.

Results are now known for the 2011 Australian Statistics Poster Competition. This competition is sponsored by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


Prizes have been awarded as follows:

Junior Secondary

Junior Secondary National prize ($240)

What's your favourite lolly?, Rose Hemming and Kate Bradley, Cheltenham Girls High School NSW.

NSW prize ($120): How many hours a day do you spend social networking? Umang Malik and Rachel Wang, Cheltenham Girls High School.
Highly Commended: How do our tastebuds change as we grow older?, Maddie Hocking and Georgia Campbell, Cheltenham Girls High School.

Queensland prize ($120): Dental Clinic Data, Bron-Yur Thompson and Breanne Budd, Bundaberg High School.
Highly Commended: Carbon Footprint, Maddy Curro and Gabby Tat, Bundaberg High School.

Tasmania prize ($120): Womens' Shopping Preferences in Retail Sara McTaggart and Ella Ross, Fahan School.

Victoria prize ($120): Tricky Taste Buds, Oscar Walsh and Daniel Harrison, Albert Park College.
Highly Commended: Oodles of noodles, Caitlin Cole, Grace Jolly and Serene Gao, Mentone Girls' Grammar School.
Highly Commended: Which bin to put it in?, Sebastian Karin-Crombie, Anthea Hall and Georgia Ketals, Albert Park College.
Highly Commended: Memory capacity, Richa Dudhani, Naomi Omenihu and Mary Do, Albert Park College.

Western Australia prize ($120): What happens as we age?, Reilly Gigney, Jaice Hough and Oliver Robertson, Australind Senior High School.
Highly Commended: Colour and Flavour, Summer Hartley and Connie Raymond, Australind Senior High School.
Highly Commended: 2, Lochie Saunders, Austin Davies and Jacob Fryman, Australind Senior High School.
Highly Commended: 3, Talia Rice, Charlotte Travers and Paige Taylor, Australind Senior High School.

Senior Secondary

Senior Secondary National prize ($240)

Heart rate and Blinking Frequency, Jacob Rennick, Harshil Shah and Brett Cassidy, Australind Senior High School WA.

ACT/Southern NSW prize ($120): Not awarded.
Highly Commended: Clash of the languages: the Stroop effect, Laura Jennings, Timana Liu, Burgmann Anglican School.

Tasmania prize ($120): Vibrant Colours Effect Our Choices Abbey Studley, Emily Crawford and Hannah Moult, Fahan School.

Victoria prize ($120): Assault rates Chloe Reid, Steph Ford-Webb and Yana Kyparsis, Mentone Girls' Grammar School

Western Australia prize ($120): Water Rockets, Liam Heidt, Reece Hooper and Josh Laing, Australind Senior High School.