Australia wins FARIO for 9th year running

Australia wins FARIO for 9th year running

Congratulations to Australia who, for the ninth year running, has won the French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad (FARIO). The first two places were taken by Australian students with third place tied by an Australian and New Zealand student.

Richard Gong (pictured left) from Sydney Grammar School achieved the highest score, while Jerry Mao (pictured right) from Caulfield Grammar School was in second place and Declan McDonnell from Normanhurst Boys High School came equal third.

FARIO is a fun online invitational competition, consisting of three questions, between Australia, France, Belgium and New Zealand. Like the Australian Invitational Informatics Olympiad, it also forms part of Australia’s International Olympiad in Informatics team selection process. It offers the best high school computer programmers in Australia, France, Belgium and New Zealand a chance to compete against like-minded students from other countries.

The top students and their results are listed below.

Name Country Score
Richard Gong Australia 174
Jerry Mao Australia 167
Declan McDonnell Australia 152
Qingchuan Zhang New Zealand 152
Arthur Leonard France 139
Belinda Shi Australia 139
Charles Jameson Australia 139
Clement Chiu Australia 139
Felix Breton France 139
Thomas Sepulchre France 130
Etienne Rossignol France 119
Theophane Vallaeys France 110
Alex Socha Australia 100
Killian Dengreville France 100