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MEDIA RELEASE: Australian girls ready to compete on world stage in Mathematics


Australia sending team to European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad

For the first time Australia has applied to send a team to the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO).  The Australian Mathematics Trust will be using its International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) expertise and resources to identify, train and support the four-member team.

EGMO is an international mathematics competition for female high school students. Similar in form to the IMO, there are six proof-style problems given over two days.  EGMO has steadily grown into a major international event since its inception in 2012, with the 2017 EGMO involving 44 countries. A number of non-European nations regularly participate including India, Japan, the USA and Mexico.

Recent IMO Olympian, Michelle Chen, said of the Olympiad competitions that she ‘found the maths really hard at first and I didn’t really know anyone, but it got better after I attended a few more training schools. You get an opportunity to talk to people who are also good at maths. You feel a bit competitive, but at the same time everybody is happy to help each other out.’

When asked about Australia’s participation in EGMO, Cheryl Praeger, Chair of the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee (AMOC), said, ‘This is an opportunity for Australian girls who enjoy maths not only to gain vital experience in competitions like this, but it increases their confidence to try other events and to network, mingle, and “not be the only girl in the room”’.

Angelo Di Pasquale, AMOC Director of Training, said, ‘We are hopeful that EGMO can become a regular part of our Olympiad calendar.  It will provide girls with a new opportunity to train in problem solving, and will help us expand our pool of potential IMO participants.’

This news follows the recent announcement of the Cheryl Praeger Medals, for the highest achieving Australian female students in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) for each year group.

This initiative is possible through the financial support of Optiver.

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