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2018 annual AMC state award ceremonies announces two new awards!

2018 annual AMC state award ceremonies announces two new awards!

Nominate who you think should win AMT Inspiring Student Award and AMT Teacher Award

The Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) is celebrating the achievements of our students and teachers for 2018 at our annual state award ceremonies across October and November 2018.

Schools who participated in the 2018 AMC will have received an email calling for nominations for our two exciting new awards:
• The AMT Inspiring Student Award for a high-school student who participated in the 2018 AMC, who inspires and supports their peers in the learning and enjoyment of mathematics/algorithmics. The winner in each state will receive a Trophy and AMT Publications voucher.

• The AMT Teacher Award, recognising an outstanding contribution in the teaching of mathematics/algorithmics within a school community. This award is not directly linked to school performance in AMT competitions; it will take into account how the person has shaped and influenced the teaching environment. The winner in each state will receive $1000, and $500 for second and third place.

Award nominations will be open for submission until 16 October 2018 (Queensland) and 23 October 2018 (all other States and Territories).

If you have not received information regarding the new awards and have not nominated please contact us immediately so you don’t miss out via


AMC comment

Congratulations to all the students who sat the AMC on Thursday 9 August.

It has been brought to our attention that the final page of the AMC Upper Primary paper was posted on a social media site late on Thursday evening.  This is most regrettable as there are some schools who, for unavoidable reasons, sit the paper late and their students could potentially have an unfair advantage.  The post was removed later that evening and the AMT will monitor very carefully all papers from schools which have sat the competition after the normal date to look for patterns which might suggest that this leak of information has had some impact.  In general, we have to rely on the good sense of all involved and fortunately, this is a most unusual occurrence.

In 2019 the AMT will remind teachers again of the requirement to collect the competition papers and keep them securely for a week following the competition.


MEDIA RELEASE: Students sit Australia’s famous mathematics competition

Today over 190,000 young Australian students will be sitting the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC).  It is one of Australia’s largest single educational events.

Now in its 41st year, the AMC is Australia’s premier mathematical problem-solving competition.  Featuring 30 carefully crafted and engaging problems, the competition helps students explore and develop their problem-solving skills.  The five papers, which span years 3–12, are constructed to provide students with an inspiring balance of challenge and fun.

Current Curtin University student Shrenik Jobanputra said of the AMC, ‘I first encountered the AMC in year 8 and it actually changed the way I thought about maths.  Problem solving without the use of a calculator makes maths more fun.’

Since its inception in 1978, over 15 million students worldwide have sat the competition.  Top performers are awarded certificates, prizes and medals, and for many students it is the first step on the road to further engagement and study of mathematics.  Teachers use the problems after the competition as teaching tools to help develop problem-solving skills in their students.

The AMC is run by the Australian Mathematics Trust.

  • For further information or to arrange interviews, please contact:

Mathieu Meriaux, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Australian Mathematics Trust
02 6201 2954 or
Learn more about the Australian Mathematics Trust at


Teachers! Prizes to give away for entries in the 2018 Australian Mathematics Competition

Only 3 months until the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)!

The AMC is much more than just one day in the year. We specifically design our material to help mathematics teachers around Australia engage their students before and after the competition day.

This year, we need your help!

We have one simple goal: to make our competition bigger than the awesome achievement of 2017.
To achieve this big goal, we need each and every school to help us grow the competition.

What do we need from you?

Last year your school may have entered students in the AMC. We’re wondering … can you get more students involved in Australia’s largest school competition?

What is in it for you?

For every 5 students above your 2017 number, your school will earn one entry into our prize draw.

  • First prize is a free AMT 2 hour Workshop for either teachers or students delivered to your school by our Chief Mathematician (valued at $3,500).
  • Second Prize is MCYA Enrichment material for 2019 for up to 50 students (valued at $2,100).
  • Third Prize is free entry into the 2019 AMC for up to 100 students (valued at $650).

Help us achieve our goal. Engage your students.


The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) is one of Australia’s largest school-based mathematics competitions. The AMC is an engaging 30-problem competition that demonstrates the importance and relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives; it is open to students in years 3 to 12.

Australia’s leading educators and academics, with a deep understanding of our national curriculum standards, actively design the unique AMC problems each year.

The AMC is run by teachers in schools. We offer ongoing support and resources prior to and on the day of the competition. The competition is available in two modes: online and paper.


2017 AMC Medallists announced

Congratulations to our medallists in the 40th Australian Mathematics Competition!

Students from more than 30 countries participated in the AMC this year. Sixty-eight medals were awarded to students in Australia, Bulgaria, China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AC, Governor of Tasmania, presented the Australian medals at Government House in Hobart on Monday 13 November. Overseas medallists will receive their medals at ceremonies in their respective countries.

Of the 68 medals awarded in 2017 for exceptional results in the AMC, 30 will go to students in Australia, four of whom achieved a perfect score. Six girls will also receive the Cheryl Praeger medal, a new award designed to recognise high-achieving girls.

These results bode well for next year, when Australia plans to send a team for the first time to the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad in Italy.


AMC results information

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) prize results will no longer be available on the AMT website. Results are sent directly to schools.

The AMT is fully focused on the privacy of all students sitting the AMC.

If you would like more information about your results, please contact your teacher.


Save the Date – 2018

The 2018 dates have been finalised for both the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition and the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC).

Registrations will open later in the year, so keep an eye on our website.

Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Tuesday 27 March 2018
Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) Thursday 9 August 2018


If you have any queries, please contact the AMT office.


It’s the 40th AMC!

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) is running for the 40th time in 2017!

The AMC is a fun 30-problem competition that shows the relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives. Australia’s leading educators and academics, who have a deep understanding of national curriculum standards, design the unique AMC problems each year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of years 3–12 students, from Australia and overseas, participate in the AMC. The competition, which will be held on 27 July this year, is open to all students through their schools.

Perhaps you’re a student who has never participated in the competition. Or you might be the parent of a child who is interested in maths and likes to solve problems. In either case, you should talk to your school about entering the AMC. There is still plenty of time to do so! If you are a teacher and you don’t know your school code and password for our competitions and programs, please contact us.

Get your entries in for the AMC as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment via

Closing dates

  • Paper version: 10 July (30 June for overseas schools)
  • Online version: 20 July

Ready, GetSet, Go!

We encourage students to prepare for AMC by signing up to GetSet AMC. This self-paced, online course is designed to help students of all levels prepare effectively for the AMC. Students can get started quickly and easily, without teachers’ assistance. We are offering GetSet AMC for $2 per student to schools that order them with their AMC entries. Otherwise GetSet AMC costs $6 per student. Whether you are a student, parent or teacher, you can register for GetSet AMC via


Getting Prepared?

Image of notebooks and pen

If you want to get ready for any of our competitions or to work on your problem solving skills, we have a series of resources to help.


There’s a collection of problem sets and a mock contest for each division, and students receive a performance report with suggested areas of improvement.

The 2016 Solutions and 2015 Solutions books list all the questions and solutions for all the divisions of the AMC for a single year, presented in question order.

For Primary Students

Australian Mathematics Competition Primary Bk 2 (2009–2013) This book contains all the questions and solutions from the Middle and Upper Primary papers between 2009 and 2013. The questions are presented in the same order as in the real paper, which means you’ll be able to get some real practice done.

For Secondary Students

Australian Mathematics Competition Bk 5 (2006–2012). This is our most recent compilation of all questions and solutions for the secondary divisions (Junior, Intermediate and Senior) of the AMC. It is organised by topic and the questions get progressively more difficult. The source (year, division) for each question is indicated. With so many questions, you can use it all through high school.

For Advanced Students

Problem Solving via the AMC focuses on particular techniques for solving types of problems that students have often found difficult in the AMC (geometry, rates of change, Diophantine equations and counting techniques). The techniques are developed and explained through sample problems, then further problems are set, and solutions provided.

To order, go to our online bookshop.