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Informatics: Invitational Events

Students who perform outstandingly in the open events, particularly the AIO, may be invited to participate in invitational events which can eventually lead to selection for Australia at IOI. The first of these is the School of Excellence, which from 2005 will be held in December of each year. Further than this can be individual mentoring, participation in the French Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad (FARIO) and finally participation in the IOI itself.

Specific activities include

AIOC School of Excellence

An intense 10-day training school at the Australian National University in Canberra during December. Based on the AIO results, we invite approximately 26 students, based on performance in the Australian Informatics Olympiad. Students learn a lot of new material in algorithm design, do a lot of programming in the computer labs, and begin the process of training and selecting a team for the IOI.

Australian Invitational Informatics Olympiad (AIIO)

This event, held in February, is part of the selection process.

Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad

This event, held in mid-March, is a team event conducted by several countries inthe Asian and Pacific area.

French Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad

An annual competition held between French and Australian students over the internet. This is a fun competition between the two countries, and as of 2006 it will also become part of Australia's IOI team selection process. Held in April/May.

AIOC Selection School

An intense 10-day training school at Macquarie University during April. Based on the results in the invitational events above, and performance at the AIOC School of Excellence, we invite approximately 14 students. These undertake further training and at the culmination, Australia's IOI team is selected.

International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)

The pinnacle of competition in computer science for high school students around the world. Each country sends a team of four students to participate in nine hours of competition.

Students selected in the team are mentored between the time of selection and the time of entering a short training camp held before departure for the IOI.