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IMO Eligibility

Students who wish to be considered for IMO selection should note that they become ineligible once they formally enrol even for just one unit at a university. This is stated clearly in Regulation 2.2 of the IMO. IMO is strictly for high school students.

This may apply for any scheme in which students take instruction in and pass exams to be offered status on formal enrolment later.

Attendance at AMOC camps such as the School of Excellence is by invitation and such invitations will be contingent on signed declarations certifying that the student has not formally enrolled at a University and meets nationality and participation criteria.

This certificate will also require a list of any units which students may have "passed" in the sense that due to having taken instruction and passed exams in, even if not formally enrolled, they may anticipate later status. AMOC will reserve the right to deem such a student ineligible from attending the camp or participating further.

Any student considering participation in such a scheme is advised to clarify the matter by contacting the Trust's Executive Director, either by email or by telephoning on 02 6201 5135.

Please note however that if a high school student casually attends one or even more courses at the university to broaden his/her knowledge or to listen to some interesting mathematics, that's fine.


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