Previous digIT Projects

Part of the digIT program includes students working on a project with their mentor over the six month period between the two residential camps.

The content below has been posted with permission from the students, and is an example of some of the previous projects undertaken by digIT students.


For his project, Deacon created a newtonian gravity simulator, using Python 3.6.0.

In the July camp, he presented his project by recording himself using the simulator and demonstrating how it works.

For his project, Julian built a home network and revised his set up over the course of 6 months to optimise it for his own use. He also shows off some other projects he built over the course of the program.

At the July camp, he used this video to supplement his presentation to a group of mentors and other students.

For their project, Martin, Kade and Winston created a game called ‘Awesome-Llama’.

They used this trailer to talk through their project when they presented their project at the July camp.

For their project, Noah and Sam built and programmed a robotic arm, including 3D printing different components of their design.

At the July camp, they used these slides to supplement their presentation to a group of mentors and other students.