Information for schools about AMT online competitions in 2018

Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) and
Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT)


1. What is required to do the competition online?
Your school should have a reliable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to support however many students will be doing the competition at any one time. It is possible to run the competition over a number of different sessions within the available time frame. However, it is preferable that all students sitting a particular division of the contest do it at the same time, or in two immediately consecutive sessions. It is also important to ensure that your school system allows access to the competition site. In some schools access to unknown sites is blocked. Difficulties with access can be identified well in advance and dealt with accordingly by IT support.

2. What devices are supported?
The competition is designed to work on all platforms which have an internet browser, so PCs, laptops, Macs, iPads, Chromebooks and Android tablets should be fine. However mobile phones are not allowed. No special software is required. Both JavaScript and cookies must be enabled in the browser. It is recommended that you use the one of the following browsers for an optimal experience.
IE 9+
Firefox 31+
Chrome 31+
Safari 7+
iOS Safari 7.1
Opera 26+
Android Browser 4.3

3. What happens if our internet connection fails on the day of the competition?
Prior to the competition, you will be sent a hardcopy of each of the four (CAT) or five (AMC) papers and an answer sheet. In an emergency, these could be photocopied. Alternatively, it may be possible to arrange a late sitting if you think the problem is of a temporary nature. When connectivity is restored, you can email us at (CAT) or (AMC) for PDF copies of the papers for printing.

4. Can we have some students do the online competition and others do paper version?
Yes, schools can have a mixture of online and paper. You specify how many of each when registering for the competition. As noted above, it is preferable that all students sitting a particular division of the contest do so at the same time, or in two immediately consecutive sessions.

5. Are we as organisers expected to provide computers and supervise the students, or can the students take the CAT/AMC at their convenience on their personal devices?
The competition must be done under examination conditions in the school within the specified time frame. Students may use their own devices if this is permitted by the school.

6. What supervision is required?
One supervisor per 40 or fewer students is required. A supervisor must supervise students for the duration of the online competition to ensure ‘fair play’ by all the students.

8. What is to stop students sharing information electronically?
The questions cannot be accessed without a special code provided by the supervisor at the start of the competition and answers are not stored on the competition site. Students should be instructed that no other window may be open whilst completing the competition and supervisors need to be vigilant in this regard. As with the paper version, it is the responsibility of the school to supervise the classroom appropriately. Post-competition we are able to analyse results and find possible cases of collusion.

9. When can the online test be taken?
The online competition will be open for a limited period of time, for a window of about 36 hours commencing on the competition date (CAT 27 March, AMC 9 August) to accommodate students in different time zones. It is permissible to run the competition over a number of different sessions within the given window. However, if your school cannot do the competition within the specified time, paper is a more flexible option.

10. What happens if there is a power failure or other crisis during the test?
Administrators will have the capacity to reset the clock for a student or group of students if there is a major unforeseen circumstance which would disadvantage them. Any use of this should be reported in the online certification form.

11. Will online and offline students do the same paper?
Yes. As with the paper version, online students can do the questions in any order.

12. Won’t students taking the online test be disadvantaged because they don’t have diagrams to write on?
For each division, a printable ‘scribble’ sheet will be provided as a PDF file containing all the question diagrams. This can be downloaded and printed by schools prior to the test and handed out to students.

13. Is the cost the same for online and paper?
Yes. However, with online participation there is no cost involved in returning answer sheets.

14. When taken online, will students get their results earlier?
At the moment, no. We are unable to determine award cut-off scores until a significant proportion of students (both online and paper) have been processed. However, this may change in future years.