Entering the AMC

Entering the AMC is generally done via schools.

The Australian Mathematics Trust office maintains a register of schools. This register includes virtually every school in Australia and schools from many other countries throughout the world. Each school is sent an invitation in February each year to enter its pupils for that year’s event. The AMC is usually held in late July or early August.

Entry can be made by schools online. To do this click on the Entry menu at the top of the page or click here.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is consistent with our status as a true not-for-profit entity. If we make a surplus in a particular year the money remains within the Trust for use in the following year(s). The fee varies from time to time, between countries (dependent on costs such as postage and freight) and sometimes within countries. To find out the entry fee in your region please check your printed entry letter, log in, or contact us, and we will confirm as soon as possible.

Visually Impaired and Distance Students

We would like the AMC to be available to all students who wish to participate. We have special arrangements for visually impaired students and distance education organisations. Home schooled students or students whose school chooses not to participate are free to make arrangements to sit under the supervision of another school.

No Refund Policy

In order to keep the entry fee as low as possible, we cannot refund any entry fees once materials have been sent to schools. This includes entry fees paid for students that for whatever reason do not end up sitting the competition.

If your school wishes to change or clarify its entry details, please contact us.

If you are a parent or student with an enquiry about the AMC, please contact us.