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  ICMI Study 16 Study Volume released

Posted Saturday 13 December 2008, updated Wednesday 18 February 2009

Springer has now released the Study Volume for ICMI Study 16 Challenging Mathematics in and beyond the Classroom. This book is the outcome of 6 years' work on the role of challenge, in its various forms, in improving the learning outcome for students of mathematics.

[Study Volume]

Co-Chairs of the Study, and Co-Editors of the Study Volume, were Ed Barbeau, of the University of Toronto, and Peter Taylor, Executive Director of the Australian Mathematics Trust, based at the University of Canberra.

A total of 45 participants attended the Study Conference and wrote the Study Volume. They came from many fields in mathematics and mathematics education.

More information on the Study, including background on ICMI Studies, the official discussion document, who took part in this, and how the Study progressed can be found on the Study web site.

Peter Taylor has been interviewed on the media with relation to the Study's completion, and his views on possible implications for the Australian National Curriculum. Two transcripts can be found below.

Springer's page advertising the Study Volume can be found here.

An advertising flyer for the book can be found here. (1.2MB download)


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