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  International Olympiad in Informatics

Posted Thursday 28 May 2013.

The Australian Mathematics Trust, in conjunction with the University of Queensland, is delighted to announce the receipt of government support for the 2013 International Olympiad in Informatics, to be held in Brisbane in July. This support is part of the Australian Maths and Science Partnership Program which was established to improve student engagement in maths and science courses at university and schools, through innovative partnerships between universities, schools, and other relevant organisations.

This is the first time that the IOI has come to Australia and we hope that having the competition here will be a significant boost for informatics. The Australian Informatics Competition, which requires no prior programming skill, is the starting point on a journey which can lead interested students all the way to the opportunity to represent their country in the IOI. We believe that this program, at each of its levels, can make a significant contribution to the development of young computer scientists.

In addition to the intense competition faced by the young IOI competitors, the IOI will be the focus for an outreach program providing opportunities for both students and teachers to develop their skills and understanding in informatics, through a series of public lectures and associated events. The Trust is most grateful for government support for the IOI. For more information on the IOI or on the Trustís informatics program, follow the links on this website.

IOI 2013


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