Australian Maths Trust


Andrew Gray has won this year’s B. H. Neumann Award and was presented with the honour by Dorothea Neumann at a small ceremony on Saturday 17 August. 

Andrew Gray has been a member of the CAT problem setting committee since its inception and has contributed to all of the papers since the 2006 competition.

One of the difficulties that the CAT has faced over the years is the lack of algorithmic thinking within the curriculum. Here, Andrew’s contribution is invaluable. With his background as a teacher, he is able to assess whether a question is accessible and suitable for a particular age group. Further, Andrew analyses the results each year and makes them available to the committee prior to the weekend. This enables us to review last year’s questions which informs our decision making when selecting questions for next year’s papers.

As well, Andrew sets up the spreadsheet each year for pre-weekend voting, and during the weekend keeps tabs of how popular each question was, which paper(s) it could be assigned to, and whether the question is multiple choice or three-part. Without such care, we could easily lose track of our decisions.