Australian Maths Trust


Scott is a mathematician at the University of Newcastle. He became a moderator for the Secondary Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) in 2010 and has been an extremely diligent moderator providing valuable feedback and suggestions over the last 13 years. He was also a member of the problem-setting committee in 2020. 

Scott has been a moderator for the Newcastle Permanent Primary Mathematics Competition since 1993, and in recent years has been responsible for the Colin Doyle Competition for Year 11 students in the Hunter region of NSW.

Chris completed his PhD in mathematics at ANU and has been a teacher in the ACT for fifteen years. 

He started volunteering for the Trust as an Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) moderator in 2011 and joined the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) Secondary Problems Committee and Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee a few years later. 

Since then, Chris has also become a member of the Challenge Committee, AMC Primary Problems Committee, Senior Problems Committee and CAT Committee.

In 2017, Chris took on a more formal role as a Mathematician with the AMT and has taken particular responsibility for the rewriting of the Enrichment series and, from 2020, the curation of mathematical and algorithmic thinking content for the Problemo project. 

Chris is a prodigious and ingenious writer of maths problems and also an entertaining and insightful presenter who has represented the Trust at many conferences.

Oleksiy grew up in Kharkiv, Ukraine and graduated from Kharkiv State University. 

In 2006, he moved to Australia, taking up an academic position at the University of Southern Queensland where he is Associate Professor in Mathematics. In 2008, he was invited by the then AMT Executive Director, Peter Taylor, to work on material for the Secondary Enrichment Series and on the Tournament of Towns.

In 2009 the AMT formalised this arrangement with his appointment as AMT’s Editorial Consultant which also brought him on to the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee (AMOC). 

Since the time he joined AMOC, Oleksiy has shown strategic vision and initiative on multiple occasions. He had been leading the Secondary Enrichment program (Euler, Gauss, Noether and Polya) for more than 10 years (2008-2018) in which thousands of Australian secondary students explore different mathematical topics in depth and work on carefully developed mathematical problems. He was one of the first in AMOC to speak about wider participation of female students in the AMT programs and still hopes to launch Australian Girls Mathematical Olympiad. 

At his time in AMOC, Oleksiy has also become a member of the AMC Secondary Problems Committee and has been an active workshop leader on behalf of AMT in Queensland. 

Oleksiy is an ingenious creator of mathematical problems and has provided significant support to the development of young mathematicians in Australia and particularly in Queensland.