Australian Maths Trust

Brain Games For Breakfast on Day 2

Brain games for breakfast here on this beautiful campus! Learning all about algorithms. From searching algorithms to sorting to seeing what happens when they use the maths they’ve learnt in school to solve real problems. Exciting stuff!

With morning tea out of the way, the students jumped into their next group activity before lunch. 

A tour next of The University of Queensland’s new Innovate Maker Space. Not only did the students get a great introduction to just how big and beautiful the campus is but also some of the amazing and huge tools that are available in universities and professional spaces. All before jumping into their first workshops.

On digIT, workshops are broken down to a Games Workshop, a Python Programming Workshop, a Website Development Workshop and a Robotics Workshop with the students being assigned to 1 of these based on their tutor group. The rotations through the sessions come tomorrow. 

Our workshops are facilitated by the senior tutors and were a huge success. 

The night concluded with a dinner and then a workshop run by Texas Instruments where students got to control larger robots via touch screen and the logic behind the programming happening in tomorrows workshops.