Australian Maths Trust

Day 4 – Mentorship!

Today is the day of mentorship with professionals in fields all across computer science, maths and other interesting career paths such as project management. 

All students are linked up with a mentor to help them create a project due in the winter camp. This working relationship is a fantastic leg up and insight into different career paths as well as support for the students to achieve the ideas that they have in mind. 

After lunch and casual conversations with the mentors, the students jumped into the final workshop of the program. The Advanced Workshop! Here students get to choose which workshop they enjoyed the most during the week and spend the time to get a deeper understanding.

Often, the project that they choose to produce for the Winter Camp is inspired by what speciality they choose for the Advanced Workshop. We are looking forward to seeing what these students create. 

Then, for the night of nights, a party to celebrate what a week that these students have had! Friendships made, maths learnt and many memories created! The night ended with a BBQ dinner, DJ, slushy machine and board games. A great night. 

Quote of the day:

“Behind every successful person: somewhere, somehow, someone cared about their growth and development; this person was a mentor. “

Dr Beverley Kaye, 2003.