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Hello, Hello and Welcome to Day 1 of digIT

After arriving last night and this morning, the students of the 2020 digIT program all were excited to start this weeks action packed camp!

First things first, an introduction to their senior and junior tutors as well as most importantly, each other. This, all before heading to CSIRO’s Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies to see robots in action! 

Here they got to drive some of the best robots in the country and learnt all about how robots can use lidar to 3D map their surroundings and autonomously navigate new terrain with a map accurate to centimetres with no GPS. 

Then on a bus back to the beautiful campus that is The University of Queensland for a cybersecurity challenge where the students tried to crack increasingly trickier and trickier cyphers. A great example of a practical application of programming put to use.

The digIT program splits the cohort of 60 into 4 equal groups which are lead by their respective junior tutors. This is great for making friends quickly but also for facilitating the workshops that are run over the program. 

Before dinner the students enjoyed the first of the many group activities to help facilitate this! Here they tried their hand at problem-solving challenges as a team. 

After dinner to the main event of the day, the formal welcome with Dr Marie Boden, Director of External Engagement, Research and Outreach School of IT & Electrical Engineering from The University of Queensland. Afterwards, the highly anticipated gelato ice creams by Vintage IceCream Cart for desert.

Favourite quote from today!

“I wish my science class was like this”