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Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad

Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad


Thursday 12 September 2024


4 hours


A$22.30 per student

Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO) is a highly challenging maths competition designed to identify and stretch talented students. The AIMO paper is pitched at a Year 10 level but may also be of interest to motivated and talented students in years 7 to 9 looking to pursue Olympiad-level mathematics.

AIMO may be suitable to students who have: 

  • an interest and aptitude for more complex mathematical problem solving
  • completed later stages of the AMT’s Maths Enrichment program
  • scored very highly in the Australian Mathematics Competition
  • undertaken substantial extension work outside of the curriculum.

AIMO results are used to identify students for selection in the Australian Maths Trust’s invitational high-performance programs

Like all our competitions, the AIMO contains unique problems designed each year by leading educators and academics to challenge and assess students’ problem-solving skills.

The questions range in difficulty. It is expected that only a small number of students will be able to complete the whole paper. As an indication of the type of questions asked and their level of difficulty, please see the sample AIMO papers below.

Key Dates

    • Entries close:
      Fr 6 September 2024
    • Submission of Student Answer Sheets closes:
      Fr 13 September 2024

* Student solutions received after the submission deadline may not be eligible for entry into the selection process for AMT’s high-performance programs.

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  • There is one AIMO paper which can be sat by students from Years 7 to 10.


May include:

  • Parallels
  • Similarity
  • Pythagoras’ theorem
  • Diophantine equations
  • Counting techniques
  • Expansion and factorisation
  • Inequalities
  • Sequences and series
  • Number bases
  • Methods of proof
  • Congruences
  • Circles and tangents
  • Probability

Question and Answer Format

  • 10 questions, 8 requiring an integer answer, 2 requiring written solutions which may include proofs.

Delivery Option

  • Teachers must print the question paper from digital copy provided.

  • Student solutions are submitted digitally to AMT for marking.

More Information

Scoring System

Questions 1 –4               2 marks 

Question 5                       3 marks 

Question 6                       4 marks 

Questions 7 – 10             5 marks 

Investigation                   4 bonus marks 

Total 35 marks


Award Criteria

Prizes are awarded to students who are outstanding on a national basis.

High Distinction is awarded to students who are in approximately the top 10%.

Distinction is awarded to approximately the next 15%.

Credit is awarded to approximately the next 25%.

All other students receive Participation certificates.

Cut-off scores are approximate and will vary year by year depending on the difficulty of the competition and the number of participants.

Past AIMO papers

Try these past AIMO papers and worked solutions to share with your students.

2017 AIMO 

2018 AIMO

The compilation book Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiads 1999-2013 includes past AIMO papers and is available from the AMT’s online shop.

AIMO results

Names and results of high performing students from the most recent AIMO competition are published here.



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