Australian Maths Trust

A corner is a corner . . .isn’t it?

Congratulations Albert, Angus, Jacob and Jerry on completing Day 1!

It’s a great competition this year with everything finely balanced for Day 2.

After a grueling five hours, there is a lot to talk about – the de-brief started almost immediately once out of the competition building, and continued throughout lunch. 

Day 1 v2

Day 1

The team got into a heated debate on just what the definition of a corner was (they both explained to the author and I’m glad to inform you that, as at 3.9.18, a corner is definitely a corner. . .I think.).  Albert then treated the team to a totally new way of laughing – we hope to catch it on video next time it happens because it’s sure to catch on.

Typhoon Jebi hit Japan yesterday but farther away than anticipated so today’s just been rain on and off, with thunder in the distance – we have been lucky!

The team has a rest day today and then they’re back at it for Day 2 tomorrow.