T-minus 45 minutes

Before shipping out, the team met for its traditional final pre-IOI dinner at the local curry joint in Randwick.  There, the team had to solve the mysterious case of the missing mango lassi (it was Ishraq’s) and try to figure out how to consume up to eighteen tons of garlic naan.

Curry Blog #2

After dinner, the team was reunited with their Australian IOI blazers after a last minute editorial fix on the pocket (Tsukuba, Japan, not Tsukba, Japan) to the relief of everyone.  Then it was the $10 million dollar question about ties – and yes, most everyone agreed they were a good idea and perhaps even had brought them along for the trip.

This morning Robert gave the team a ‘lie-in’ until 8am and then it was off to brekkie where the team had to solve the mysterious case of the missing milkshake.  It was Angus’ – who then broke the NSW record for fastest milkshake consumption.  Then it was off for more problem solving – this time of a slightly different type – focused on capture the flag cryptography challenges.  The team loved them so much they worked at it through lunch.

In the afternoon, the team said goodbye to Marcus as he flew back to WA.  And then, the inevitable airport activity – waiting:

Waiting 1

And more waiting:


Finally, the team got through, had a bit to eat and a discussion of where to find some good Aussie koalas to distribute to the other IOI competitors.   

Spirits are high and everyone’s looking forward to getting to Japan and competing.