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Tokyo and a whole bunch of definitions

After two days of hard competition yakka, the team hopped on a semi-rapid (please define ‘semi-rapid’) train into Tokyo.

Heading to Tokyo

First stop – Tokyo’s oldest temple – Sensoji Temple, built in the 7th Century.  The team wandered amongst the drones and chants of the monks, through the smoky incense and soft patter of fountains. 


Then there was the stroll through the stalls and street front shops of Nakamise Street and a quick trip on the subway to Akihabara where there were heaps of electronics (at least twelve aisles of computer keyboards).  The highlight was Ishraq’s. . .er. . .’racecar masterclass’ (there are three pedals, Ishraq!):


Then it was off to lunch.  Your author doesn’t have a picture of the sashimi plate tower of power created by the team, but it was very impressive – at least 1.5 metres of sashimi was consumed by Team Australia.  Holy dooley.

Then this was spotted – please define:  ‘floating noodles’

floating noodles

A short pause to update readers on the words at least one team member has asked another to define in the past week:











After a quick picture at Tokyo Station:

Tokyo station.jpg

The team visited the eastern gardens of the Imperial Palace. 

Imperial palace

It was only when, after walking through the fortified gardens, the only standing members of the team were Robert and the author that it was decided perhaps the team was finally knackered and we headed home.

Tomorrow is the medals and closing ceremony and then we’re heading home on Saturday morning.  As such, this may be the last annotated blog entry for IOI 2018.  Congratulations Team Australia!