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How to enter

Schools enter students into the AMC through our online system: register via the button here.

We have a register of schools which includes almost every school in Australia and schools from many countries around the world. We send an invitation to schools in February each year to enter into the AMC, and the event is usually held in late July or early August.

Entry fee

We are a not-for-profit entity and we make our entry fees consistent with our status.

Entries fees cost $6.50 AUD per student.

The fee varies from time to time between countries (dependent on costs such as postage and freight) and sometimes within countries.

Visually impaired and distance students

We have special arrangements for visually impaired students and distance education organisations. Home schools students or students whose school chooses not to participate can make arrangements to sit under the supervision of another school.

How to register for the AMC

Here is a step by step to help you register for the AMC on our new platform.

Step 1. Go to the registration log in page and register as a coordinator.

Step 2. Select your State/other country.

Step 3. Search your State, your city and your school.

Step 4. Fill in your details and click the ‘request registration’ button.

Step 5. Wait for AMT to approve your registration.

Step 6. Log in using your username and password and approve your consent settings. To view and/or save our consent forms and terms of use, click on ‘Download’. To indicate your acceptance, click on ‘Edit’,  tick the boxes and then ‘Save’.

We have included a draft consent form for schools to send to parents. These are for school use only, you don’t need to use this or return any forms to us.

Step 7. Click on ‘Orders’ located in the sidebar and click ‘New’.

Step 8. Order the product (in this case competition) you require, enter in the number of students who wish to participate in the competition and click ‘Continue’.

Step 9. Click ‘Finalise’ and BAM! DONE! A confirmation email will be sent to you.

Step 10. Look out for your invoice that will be sent to you within 2 business days.

What happens once my school registers?

If you have ordered paper competitions, all you need to do is wait for us to mail the materials to you. We will get the students’ details from their answer sheets.

If you have ordered online competitions, refer to the following steps that describe the student registration process.

Step 1. Once you have registered your students for the online version, the system will issue the required number of licences and passwords for your students to use on the day. You will find this list under ‘students’ located in the sidebar.

Step 2. Type in AMC into the username field and a list of usernames will appear. These are the usernames that your students will use to log into the competition platform. Download the list by selecting your export preference—CSV or XLS format. We suggest that you print out the spreadsheet and assign one student to one login on the day of the competition.
EASY TIP: open the file in excel and hide all details except for the Firstname, Surname, Username and Password columns. Increase the text size, print, and each line into strips and place next to each computer for students.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT issue passwords to students until the lesson when the students are beginning the competition.

Step 3. When it’s competition time, students should go to and click on Login at the top-right (see below). They then enter their AMC username and password and click the blue Login button.

Step 4. Students will be asked to fill in their information and class. Click ‘save’ and a notification will appear to confirm students details have been saved.

Step 5. Once notification has popped up on the screen, click the ‘competitions’ button and students will be taken to a page that will showcase the list of competitions they have access to. Make sure to click the AMC.

Step 6. Finally, students will be taken to the competition. Once the student clicks ‘start’ the competition will begin and the timer will start. HAVE FUN!

TIP: if you are unsure of the process or have any questions feel free to call us!

Online version: How do I make sure everything is ready to go (before competition day)?

The easiest way to do this is to get your students to try some of the practice questions on our competition system. If they use the same PCs or other devices they will use during the competition (i.e. in your computer lab, library etc), you’ll be able to confirm everything is ready to go.

VERY IMPORTANT: You do not need usernames and passwords for practice questions. Do not give students the competition usernames or passwords to practise—as soon as they log in to the actual competition, the countdown clock will start and they will use up their time.

Possible issues

1.      Javascript permissions: ensure that student accounts on your system are allowed to use javascript. It is required by the competition software.

2.      Different student account types: ask your IT Manager if there are multiple student account types (with different permissions). If so, have student complete practice questions with all types.

No refund policy

In order to keep the entry fee as low as possible, we cannot refund any entry fees once we send materials to schools. This includes entry fees for students who, for whatever reason, do not end up sitting the competition.