AMC – Rules & Conditions

The Trust reserves the right not to give, or to vary, an award or level of certificate if there is reason to believe the student did not write the AMC under normal professional school supervision.

Mature age

Students or others who have reached the age of 20 may enter and be marked, however they will not be eligible for prizes and medals. This is consistent with the age requirements for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Early sitting

In the interests of the integrity of the competition, under no circumstances may the competition be written before the scheduled date and Competition Managers are instructed not to open sealed envelopes before the morning of the examination.

Late sitting

There are often clashes in a busy education calendar and where clashes occur it is permitted for a school to write the competition at the next available date after the scheduled date. Such sittings should be declared on the certification form returned to the Trust. Normally students will in these circumstances be eligible for prizes and other awards but the Trust does reserve the right to disqualify such awards in cases where security may appear to have been breached or similar reason. The late sitting should be close, certainly as close to the official date as possible.

Extra time

If there is an unplanned distraction, such as power failure or noise disturbance, the Competition Manager may make a professional judgement on granting students extra time.

Writing more than one paper

Students should not write more than one paper. As some questions appear on more than one paper, an advantage can be gained. If more than one set of answers is recorded, only the lowest score will be recognised. Students who are attracted to a higher level of challenge could be advised to consider the Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO).

Right to re-examine

The Trust reserves the right to re-examine any student for any reason. This may particularly be required if there are ties among potential medallists.

Family member precautions

Competition Managers, or anyone who might be seen to have access to sealed envelopes are strongly advised to take special precautions if they have family members writing the AMC, to ensure that they are, and are seen to be, at arm’s length from the process in their school.

Visually impaired and distance education students

We would like the AMC to be available to all students who wish to participate. We have special arrangements for visually impaired students and distance education organisations. Home-schooled students or students whose school chooses not to participate are free to make arrangements to sit under the supervision of another school.

No refund policy

In order to keep the entry fee as low as possible, we cannot refund any entry fees once materials have been sent to schools. This includes entry fees paid for students who for whatever reason do not end up sitting the competition.