AMT congratulates Fields Medallist

The AMT would like to extend its warm congratulations to Akshay Venkatesh for his achievement in being awarded the Fields Medal.

As a very young mathematician, Akshay was a bronze medallist in our 1994 Australian International Mathematical Olympiad team. Akshay’s achievement today is an inspiration for all young Australian problem solvers.

The AMT also like to congratulate Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger, AMT Board member, who worked with Akshay at the University of Western Australia when he was a student. Cheryl helped Akshay, as she has so many others, on his path to a rewarding life as a mathematician.

Akshay is only the second Australian to receive this prestigious award. Another former AMT Olympian Terence Tao received the Fields Medal in 2006.

Thank you Akshay for inspiring us all and leading the way for future generations of Australian mathematicians!