Giving talented students opportunity to be recognised and enhance their enjoyment and knowledge of maths.

AIMO will be held on Thursday 8 September 2022

This four-hour contest is designed to stretch talented students. It is suited to years 7 to 10 level and particularly for those who:

  • have completed Maths Enrichment (Gauss or Noether level)
  • are high achievers in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)
  • have acquired knowledge in Olympiad problem solving.

We also use the Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO) as one of the competitions to determine which students are selected to a number of invitation-only events, including other mathematics competitions, enrichment classes and training schools.

The AIMO gives talented students an opportunity to be recognised and to participate in activities which will enhance their enjoyment and knowledge of mathematics.

Running the AIMO

The AIMO is conducted in schools under exam conditions for four hours. Students work on their own and may not use calculators, electronic devices or other aids. 

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Combining two residential camps (December and July) with individual mentoring, this invitational program is for girls in years 8-10 who have shown potential in STEM subjects.