Australians bring home medals

While all eyes have been focused on the Olympics in Rio, other Olympiads have also occurred across the world in mathematics, informatics and four fields of science. These Olympiads are held annually to give an opportunity for the brightest high school students to compete against each other on an international basis.

The AMT is proud to be involved with training two of the teams to represent Australia. This year the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) was held in Hong Kong and the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) was held in Kazan, Russia.

Two members of the mathematics team, Michelle Chen and Seyoon Ragavan, were given an opportunity for pre-IMO training in the United States with the USA IMO team. This was a great experience for both students as the USA is the current reigning champion IMO team.

The Australian IMO team of six students competed over two days solving three problems each day within a four-hour period. Each problem is worth seven points giving a possible total of 42. Our team performed very strongly with all students winning medals. With two Silver and four Bronze medals, Australia was placed equal 25th out of 109 participating countries. Results of the team are below.

The Australian IOI team of four students also performed very strongly winning three silver medals and one Bronze. Individual results of the Australian team are below.

The IOI was held in Kazan, Russia, with the two competition days being held on 14 and 16 August. The official IOI website can be found here

We would like to acknowledge Optiver, the official sponsor of the Olympiad program whose support has assisted the teams to participate in these fantastic events. ‘One of our key beliefs at Optiver is the pursuit of excellence in a talented, well-organised team. We are extremely proud of and impressed at the level of talent on the teams representing Australia at the IMO and the IOI. Each member of the team has demonstrated passion, dedication and commitment to learning and developing themselves and they should be proud of this great accomplishment’, said Martina Carr, Grad Talent Scout People Leader, Optiver.

Congratulations to all the team members!

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