Australian Maths Trust

Breaking things

Today started with the IOI Opening Ceremony.  The event was kicked off by an introduction from the IOI 2018 animated hosts – IA and Onee.  These two sisters have been very busy promoting all things IOI for the past several months.  You can see their blog here.  You’ll see they appear in several photographs and

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T-minus 45 minutes

Before shipping out, the team met for its traditional final pre-IOI dinner at the local curry joint in Randwick.  There, the team had to solve the mysterious case of the missing mango lassi (it was Ishraq’s) and try to figure out how to consume up to eighteen tons of garlic naan. After dinner, the team

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Easy Hard Sad Happy

Albert, Angus, Jacob, Jerry and Marcus have been hard at pre-IOI training in Sydney since last Thursday. Today’s the last full day of prep before flying out to Japan tomorrow. These pre-competition days are intense.  They start with breakfast at 7:30am (Good Fat and a milkshake is a popular brekkie combo with the team) then

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