Maths Challenge

Maths Challenge will run between March and September 2022

Cost per student: Primary A$18.50 / Secondary A$25.50 (Australia and New Zealand)

Results submitted to AMT by: Friday 30 September 2022

To make it easier for teachers to take up the Challenge, we have extended the closing date for results to Friday 30 September 2022. Schools can register at any time up to Friday 2 September 2022.

Maths Challenge is designed for students in years 3–10. We supply all study materials. Teachers receive a sample letter to parents, student problems, a director’s handbook and a teacher guide including extension problems and marking schemes.  

There are different problem sets for primary students in years 3–4 and those in years 5–6. Primary students can attempt four problems individually or in groups of up to three students registered for the Challenge.

There are also different problem sets for secondary students in years 7–8 and those in years 9–10. Secondary students can attempt six problems individually or with another student also registered for the Challenge.

Each problem has several parts and may take some time to solve. Students must individually write up their own solutions for each problem.

Allow one class (or equivalent time) per week to support students and monitor their progress. Students may need at least another 1–2 hours of study time per week. Teachers can mark the solutions (about 20 minutes per paper) or AMT can do the marking for you at an additional cost per student. 

On completion, all students will receive a certificate based on their performance.

If you’d like to chat with someone about the Maths Challenge, simply call us on 02 6201 5136 or email

Registered home schools

Teachers in home schools are eligible to register as school coordinators and run our competitions. If you would like to do so, please download, fill out and return this registration form to this email address with proof of your home school registration in your state or territory.

Sample letter to parents

Here’s a sample parent letter that’s useful to explain what Maths Challenge is all about. 

Director’s Handbook

The Maths Challenge Director’s Handbook has everything you need to know about the programs and how to run it at your school.

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All Australian and New Zealand schools

All Australian and New Zealand schools including registered home schools

Coaching clinics and businesses

All Australian and New Zealand coaching clinics and businesses

International organisations

Schools, businesses and coaching clinics outside Australia and New Zealand