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digIT FAQs

About the application

How do you select students to apply?

digIT is an invitational program and there are just 60 places available. 120 students are invited to apply via three pathways:

1. Based on performance in one of the following competitions:

2018 Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)

2019 Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT)

2. Interest in ICT and attendance at a regional, remote or low socio-economic school

3. Interest in ICT and of Australian Indigenous background

My student did not sit the AMC or the CAT. Can they still apply?

The approved selection criteria allows for alternate pathways for application. If you have a student who you would like to nominate, please email digIT@amt.edu.au providing their name, school year, your school name and location, and the reason you feel they should attend.

Can I nominate more than one student?

You are able to nominate more than one student; however, to expand the reach of the program, we aim to select students from 60 different schools.

When will I know if my application has been successful?

We will offer places to successful applicants via email in August 2020.

We will notify unsuccessful applicants via email in September 2020.

Can I defer my invitation and apply/attend next year?

You are unable to defer your invitation to apply nor your offered place.

I have special dietary/medical/religious needs. Can I still apply?

We are able to accommodate most requests for special needs. If you have a severe medical condition or dietary requirement, you must provide full details at the time of accepting your place.

About the cost

It says the cost for the camp is $200. Is this really all I have to pay?

We will send you an invoice within 21 days of receiving your registration. You will have 30 days to pay the amount. You will also need to cover the cost of travel from your home to the airport/bus/meeting point/camp (if you live locally), and from there back home. Flights and buses (where applicable), food, accommodation, teaching resources etc. are all covered by the camp.

How do I apply for a fee waiver?

To apply for a fee waiver please download this form.

Will I need spending money?

Generally, you do not need spending money at the camp. More than sufficient food is provided; however, on occasion students have bought additional snacks from a vending machine. We do not cover vending machines purchases.

Can I meet other students before camp?

Generally, we do not organise meetings before camp. Closer to the travel date we will send you a contact email for any other students travelling on your flight. If you would like to meet up at the airport, it is up to you to make contact.

About travel and accommodation

Who will I travel with?

You will not be accompanied on the journey by program staff, but you may be travelling with other digIT students. All students will be met by program staff upon arrival at the airport, bus depot, camp or other arranged drop-off point.

When will I know about my travel?

About two to four weeks after you accept your offered place, the Program Manager will contact you with the suggested travel plan. Once you have confirmed you can make the suggested pick-up/drop-off points, we will make bookings on your behalf. Tickets for travel will be sent one month prior to camp. One week before camp you will receive the contact details of the staff member who will meet you.

Can I book my own travel?

All travel bookings are coordinated to suit the entire cohort and the camp requirements—this can be complicated, with so many coming in from different places. So participants who wish to book their own travel must talk first to the Program Manager. In some cases, with pre-approval from the program, we may be able to reimburse you for some of the costs.

Where do I meet staff when I arrive at the destination (airport/bus station/etc.)?

We will provide meeting points one week prior to camp.

What is the accommodation like?

Accommodation is student style ranging from single bedrooms with a shared bathroom through to dorm style rooms. Male and female students will lodge on separate floors/separate dorms. Staff will be lodged in a private room on your floor and never far away should you need assistance.

Do I need to bring a pillow/towel/sleeping bag?

Generally, linen is supplied. If this changes, we will advise you prior to camp. 

Other bits and pieces

What about the staff?

The senior staff facilitating this camp are teachers working outside their normal day jobs. They are experienced in teaching, running school camps and having fun. Junior staff are university students with awesome skills in ICT. All have a ‘working with children’ check, and most have first aid training. At camp there’s about one staff member to every five students.

My relative/friend lives near the venue, can I meet up in my free time?

No. You are required to be present for the entire program. ‘Free time’ might mean you have downtime in your room or in a common area. For child protection related reasons, you are unable to accept visitors.

Will I have access to WiFi?

Some accommodation venues offer free WiFi. In this case you will be provided access details at check in. Note that WiFi will be for use during ‘free time’ and not during teaching time. We will get bossy and ‘mind’ your device if it distracts you from the learning.

What is the dress code?

The dress code at camp is casual.

Do I need to bring an iPad, tablet or laptop?

Though this is not a requirement, you are welcome to bring one along if you prefer to take notes on a device. Please note that you alone are responsible for looking after the safety of your device. If you choose to bring a device, don’t forget your charger!