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Australia comes equal 14th at EGMO 2019!

Coincidentally colour-coordinated in Ukrainian colours, Thanom and Michelle were up bright and early for coordination. By (late) breakfast all of day 2’s scripts had been signed off and by luck of the day’s coordination schedule, every member of team Aus was sitting in the top 10 🙂

With lots of time to kill in the waiting room, there were plenty of opportunities for koala-ing and for photos with friends old and new from all over the world.

We were certainly bemused by the provided hydration station that was channeling Grace’s domino construction for question 2!

Concluding at 9:30pm (perhaps 5 or so hours earlier than in 2018), coordination and the new appeals committee structure (which only had to deal with one appeal) was certainly deemed a success! Waiting over in the New York room, Germany, Norway, and Serbia found that their voting paddles made quite effective racquets.

As a non-European country, Australia was not able to vote new members into the advisory board nor vote to confirm medal cut-offs, but still, it was nice to be there for the final jury meeting of EGMO 2019. The website for EGMO 2020 in The Netherlands is now live and getting everyone pumped for EGMOnd aan Zee (https://egmo2020.nl/) and it’s definitely exciting to hear that EGMO 2021 will be hosted by Georgia (only a corner of which makes it onto our scratchie map)!

A huge congratulations to Eugeniya Artemova and Grace He on achieving Silver Medals with impressive scores of 27 and 26 marks and to Vicky Feng and Eva Ge on receiving Honourable Mentions for their solutions to Question 4, both only narrowly missing the Bronze medal cut off. We are all so proud of the Australian team – each mark earned on each question contributing to our overall outstanding ranking of equal 14th at EGMO 2019! Well done girls!

The scoreboard for EGMO 2019 can be found on the official site at https://www.egmo.org/egmos/egmo8/scoreboard/.