Australian Maths Trust

March Camp 2019

The 2019 AMOC Selection School and the final bit of training for the 2019 EGMO team was held at Naamaroo, Lane Cove National Park, on the traditional lands of the Cammeraygal people, surrounded by resident water dragons, kookaburras, ducks, and possums.

Much fun has been had hanging out with EGMO team members new and old. The recently acquired GoPro is certainly going to help with selfies when we don’t have Yifan around to take them.

As well as puzzling over mathematics problems, we have all been trying to figure out who is invited to and what is allowed at Grace’s picnic party. Vicky Feng isn’t invited, but if her surname was Chen she could come, and it seems she can only bring jam if it’s blackberry jam. As always, there have been shenanigans galore and games aplenty involving coups and love letters and mining for gold just to name a few.

 We’ve practised sitting and thinking (and thinking some more) in exams that last 4.5 hours. The next, and for some of us last, time we’ll have the luxury of 4.5 hours to puzzle over three interesting problems will be at the 2019 EGMO in Kyiv!

Tonight we set off for the other side of the world. Fingers crossed all is smooth with the flights and the Sydney and Melbourne contingents find each other easily enough in Doha.