Australian Maths Trust

Meet our EGMO team!

Eugeniya Artemova

Year 12, Presbyterian Ladies’ College, VIC

Eugeniya’s love of mathematics has been nurtured by her parents from a young age. She enjoys mathematics because of the intrinsic satisfaction of finding a neat solution to a problem that at first, may have seemed unsolvable. Outside of mathematics, Eugeniya likes to spend her time reading fantasy and science fiction novels, often when she should be studying. She also plays a variety of different sports including synchronised swimming, basketball and fencing and loves group sports and working with others. After she finishes school, Eugeniva would like to study languages and a maths related degree at University.

Eva Ge

Year 10, James Ruse Agricultural High School, NSW

Eva began to get involved in and enjoy maths through enrichment programs at her school. This is when she discovered the fun side of maths and has never looked back. Her interest was then fuelled by attending her first AMOC Selection School in 2017. For her future studies, Eva would like to focus a STEM related degree that she finds intellectually exciting and stimulating. She is looking forward to spending time with her team mates and other young people of different cultures who all share an interest in maths and working together. In her spare time, Eva enjoys playing chess, piano and violin and loves swimming.

Grace He

Year 11, Methodist Ladies’ College, VIC

Grace achieved a perfect score in this year’s and last year’s Australian Mathematical Olympiad, a silver medal at last year’s EGMO and a long list of other mathematical achievements since 2017. Her passion for mathematics stems from her enjoyment in looking for patterns and sequences and a deep interest in numbers. Grace is extremely excited to be travelling to the Ukraine and meeting a diverse range of people who share similar interests. She also enjoys the tradition of giving plush koalas as gifts from the Australian team. Grace intends to enrol in an Information Technology or Mathematics related degree at University. Her hobbies and interests include coding, solving puzzles, reading and playing badminton and table tennis.

Vicky Feng

Year 12, MLC School Burwood, NSW

Vicky has always found the patterns and symmetry in maths fascinating. She thoroughly enjoys being immersed in a problem and the satisfaction of finding or observing an elegant solution. Vicky is very excited to travel to Ukraine and spend time with her fellow EGMO teammates. She is most looking forward to meeting like-minded girls from around the world and exploring challenging problems. In her down time, Vicky enjoys playing hockey and tennis, experimenting with new board games and eating out with family and friends. The Japanese culture is also of great interest to Vicky, who has been playing Taiko (Japanese drums) for four years. She intends to study maths and science at university, whilst also using her love of maths to make a positive influence on the lives of others.

Mikaela Gray (reserve)

Year 10, Brisbane State High School, QLD

Mikaela is a multiple AMC prize-winner, has won a medal in the ICAS mathematics competition, and is a regular in various Olympiad competitions. Mikaela loves to find patterns in maths and loves its certainty and surety. She hopes to take her maths studies further at uni so she can immerse herself in it every day. She sees EGMO as a fantastic chance to represent her country and meet like-minded people from around the world. Mikaela is not a one-dimensional student, however. She also loves competing on the sporting field, with hockey, cross-country and orienteering her main focus. Off the field, she relaxes by playing the clarinet.