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EGMO in the time of COVID-19

It was early February when the Australian 2020 EGMO team were last together, celebrating at our Team Announcement ceremony, catching up with family and friends and all-round supporters of Australia’s Mathematical Olympiad Program and of the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad.

It was also then that we last trained together in person. Elizabeth Yevdokimov, our reserve team member, along with the 2020 Australian EGMO team, Ruiying Wu, Grace He, Claire Huang, and Mikaela Gray (left to right in the picture below).


Since then, we’ve all been back home, thousands of kilometres between us, and in three different time zones while daylight saving was still in place too! We’ve missed not only the maths but the shenanigans of our usual April camp – students and tutors alike. Nevertheless, online problem sessions and practice exams at home have kept us going. Thank you so so much to everyone who has been so willing to help during this crazy time.


Our team mascots, Fermat’s Last Theorem and Fermat’s little theorem (FLT and Flt) have been hanging about at home, longing for visitors that occasionally stroll by on their bear hunts.

And now that she is home all the time, team leader, Thanom Shaw, has been doing a lot of baking. This Easter she kept herself entertained not only baking her usual Easter-themed treats, but some to celebrate EGMO 2020 too. She guesses she’s just going to have to eat these all on her own now.


The Australian contingent is sad to be missing out on EGMOnd aan Zee, but we are so grateful to the EGMO 2020 organisers for all their efforts making a Virtual EGMO happen in these crazy times. We only got a map of Europe for our EGMO adventures, so we can’t actually scratch off anywhere else for this year’s adventures. However, we will definitely keep the Netherlands marked as a spot for a future EGMO and hope that we will get back there some day soon.