Let the Olympiad begin!

Australia opening ceremony1

With Day 1 of the contest starting at noon, the Australian team didn’t stay up until midnight to watch the EGMO 2020 virtual opening ceremony as it went live. However, we did all enjoy getting together online in the morning to watch teams from all around the world flash by on our screens to mark the start of this year’s virtual competition.

EGMO Team Day1

Check out the opening ceremony on YouTube (part 1 and part 2) which includes all of the amazing EGMO teams from 52 countries around the world on virtual parade.

By noon it was time for Aus 1, Aus 2, Aus 3, and Aus 4 to settle into their desks at home and get stuck into Day 1 of the contest.

Good luck to everyone for EGMO 2020 and we’ll see you all online soon.

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