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EGMO 2021 – the contest begins from down under

It’s been over a year since the Australian contingent has seen each other face-to-face and it’s been a tough and somewhat isolated year of training online. While we have been quite protected from the coronavirus on this island of ours down under, we have not been spared snap lockdowns and border closures between our states. In many ways this makes it even all the more special to have the EGMO contest to look forward to and the Australian 2021 EGMO team is raring to go.

In the lead up to Easter, the team was kept busy at Australia’s annual AMOC Selection School and in this final stretch before the EGMO contest had a few more papers to keep them puzzling.

The team, including its mascots FLT & flt, enjoyed watching the opening ceremony. It was particularly lovely to watch the online parade of teams and to feel part of such a fantastic mathematical community of 213 contestants from 55 teams around the world.

Without any sight-seeing in Georgia on the cards, Team Leader Thanom Shaw decided she had to make do with some sight-seeing in her own Aussie backyard, taking a stroll in the Royal National Park and visiting the resident koala at Sydney zoo.

She has already tried her hand at making khachapuri and after the contest days are done she will be doing her best to get her team cooking some khinkali and enjoying some Georgian cuisine.

So far east of the Greenwich meridian we feel privileged to be one of the first teams to embark on Day 1 of the 2021 EGMO contest. Thank you, Georgia, for hosting this 10th EGMO, and thank you also, to all the teams from around the world who make EGMO such an incredible contest.

Good luck and have fun everyone!