Maths Enrichment

Maths Enrichment will run between April and October 2022

Cost per student: A$42.00 (Australia and New Zealand)

Results submitted to AMT by: Monday 10 October 2022

Are you excited about guiding your brightest young maths students toward a lifetime of creative problem solving? Maths Enrichment can help you do just that. 

Maths Enrichment is designed for advanced students in years 4–10 and is available to run over 12–16 weeks between April and October. This allows for greater flexibility in your schedule to cater for all students. 

We supply all study materials. You’ll receive a range of materials including a sample letter to parents, student problems, a director’s handbook and a teacher guide including extension problems and marking schemes.  

Each student participates in one stage. The stages are in order of difficulty with general year level recommendations: Ramanujan (years 4–5), Newton (years 5–6), Dirichlet (years 6–7), Euler (years 7–8), Gauss (years 8–9), Noether (very able students in years 9–10) and Pólya (top 10% year 10). Ramanujan, Newton and Dirichlet have 8 problems, Euler and Gauss have 12 problems, and Noether and Pólya have 16 problems. Here’s further detail on each stage.

If you’d like to chat with someone about Maths Enrichment, please call us on 02 6201 5136 or email

Registered home schools

Teachers in home schools are eligible to register as school coordinators and run our competitions. If you’re interested, please download, fill out and return this registration form to this email address with proof of your home school registration in your state or territory.

Director’s Handbook

The Maths Enrichment Director’s Handbook has everything you need to know about Maths Enrichment and running the program at your school. 

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