Australian Maths Trust


In the early 1970s Australian mathematician Peter O’Halloran, a man with high energy and drive, had a revolutionary idea. He wanted to empower students across Australia with more significant opportunities to develop their interest and capabilities in maths. This vision spurred Peter on, setting into motion a movement that became the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT). A not-for-profit organisation, the Trust is run with the help of an army of passionate volunteers, many who have been serving for more than 40 years.

Peter created AMT from nothing more than a desire to enrich the student learning experience, and we continue to look to the future with that same energy, drive, and commitment. This means we create new opportunities for students, new ways of enrichment, and new programs to engage students and help develop them into creative problem solvers.

We believe every student should have the chance to discover their full potential in mathematical problem solving, in a way that is approachable, interesting, challenging, and creative.

Our vision is to develop a nation of creative problem solvers, and we believe that enjoying the challenge of maths is the most effective way to get students there.