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BH Neumann Award recipients

BH Neumann Award

The BH Neumann Award for Excellence in Mathematics Enrichment honours the influence of Professor Bernhard H Neumann AC (1909–2002) who, after his arrival in Australia in 1962, provided outstanding leadership, support and encouragement for mathematics and the teaching of mathematics at all levels.

The award is the highest honour and acknowledgement that we give to our volunteers. We bestow it on individuals who have made a significant, ongoing and vital contribution to the teaching and learning of mathematical problem-solving in Australia.

One of our key objectives at the Trust is to promote and advance the importance of mathematical problem solving in the lives of young Australians. Just as we recognise our students’ achievements, so too do we recognise and celebrate the contributions of volunteers who have helped the Trust enrich and challenge students’ mathematical experiences.

Honorary Awards

The BH Neumann Award, because of its connection to providing mathematical enrichment, is limited to mathematicians. However, two other people have been recognised by the award of a BH Neumann silver tray due to their very rich contribution to the Trust, well beyond their call of duty.

The recipients of these two honorary awards were:

* Awarded posthumously.