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“Can I write it?”

This blog post accounts for the highlights of the IOI team’s first day of training at the pre-departure camp , as told by IOI team member Tunan Shi. Tunan is representing Australia for the first time, at this year’s IOI he is known as the “clutchmaster” of the team, having won a silver medal in the last 2 seconds of the Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO) this year – the contest was 5 hours long.

Hello, people! I’m Tunan and I drew the short straw after our director of training kindly pointed to the fact that we have to maintain a blog for the entirety of the IOI journey. [Ed: Tunan eagerly volunteered for this upon first hearing that the blog existed, before his team-mates had time to respond! Cf. the title]

Wait, do I have to introduce the team as well? Hmm, I should have brought one of the pamphlets from the Australian Olympiad Teams Announcement (AOTA) ceremony with me. That would have been great copy paste material. Congrats to Angus, Ryan, Timmy, Jun and I for making it this far!

The Australian IOI team, at the AOTA ceremony in June this year.
From L-R: Ryan, Angus, Kevin (Deputy Leader), Josh (Team Leader), Tunan, and Timmy.

Today is our first day at pre-IOI training camp, kinda. I arrived in Sydney at 7:30pm, and it was only until 9:35pm that we had the whole team together. The flights were essentially all delayed to some extent (except Timmy who was already in Sydney). Ryan also had a bit of trouble getting his luggage. Turns out it had been sitting on a stationary carousel.

At about 10pm, we finally got settled into our rooms and Josh and Kevin gave an initial briefing. I can tell everyone’s excited to get into some informatics work tomorrow, as we will be doing day 1 of the Central European Olympiad in Informatics as a virtual contest.

It’s currently 11:11pm (ha!), and we have to get up before 7am tomorrow, so I’m going to keep this terse. I should probably sleep now.