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This blog post accounts for the highlights of the Australian IOI team’s seventh (and final) day of training at the pre-departure camp at UNSW Sydney, as told by IOI team member Ryan Wang. Ryan is representing Australia at the IOI for the first time this year, and is the first Australian Capital Territory student in 11 years to be selected to the Australian team.

Today marks the IOI team’s last day in Sydney. After the seventh trial exam in the morning we unfortunately had to say farewell to Jun, who flew back to Melbourne. All members of the team failed to visualise the data in an output-only task in the morning, as was pointed out by Josh and Kevin, who stressed the importance of doing this, should such a task appear in the IOI.

Thus, after the problem session known as lunch we discussed various ways to visualise data, turns out Javascript is the way to go. Later was about two hours of free time, during which most of the team solved the trivial computational geometry problem of line segment intersections.

During the taxi ride to the airport, I volunteered to write the blog, having foreseen all the free-time I have on the plane to write it. After arriving at Sydney International Airport, we met up with Donna who just flew to Sydney from Canberra.

The wait at the airport saw the team attempting to maximise the volume of water collected from the faulty tap near gate 10. We also enjoyed Kevin’s amazing commentary on touchscreen air hockey played by two toddlers. It was a true shame that I forgot to take a video of that despite being the keeper of the GoPro.