Australian Maths Trust

Let the games begin

This blog post accounts for the highlights of the IOI team’s first day of training at the pre-departure camp , as told by IOI Reserve team member, Junhua Chen.

And by guessing the great number of 1011337101 I gained the highest score in the sacred blog game, and hence the privilege of writing the blog post for Day 1 [Ed: naturally, as computer scientists, counting begins at 0, starting with arrivals day as Day 0]

Name a more iconic quintet… I’ll wait.

The game: Tunan has chosen a secret 7 digit number, and we each come up with a 7 digit number of our own. Our score is the sum of the absolute differences between the digits. If you were to be smart (or perhaps foolish, depending on one’s affinity for blogging) enough to write a 8 digit number, your score will be the maximum among all chosen 7-digit substrings of your number.

Earlier today, we were up to many other things. The first of these was a 5 hour practice exam with the 2019 CEOI Day 1 problems, consisting of some greedy choices, scary data structures and some tetrahedral memes.

The students hard at work… a bird’s eye view.

After lunch, we went through the exam problems in a problem session. We bounced around some good ideas, and implemented (or, in my case, attempted to implement) them afterwards in a lab session.