KSF FAQs | Australian Maths Trust


What is KSF?

KSF is an online maths competition inspired by our own AMC. It is very similar in style to the AMC and complements it. It is often used as “warm-up” competition for students sitting the AMC. We offer an Australian “Kangourou” to Australian schools only.

How long is it?

The two primary papers are 60 minutes. The high school papers go for 75 minutes. All papers have 30 questions except Middle Primary, which has 24. All questions are multiple choice (there are no integer questions).

When is it on?

The Australian “Kangourou” is on Thursday 19 March. Like other online competitions, we will offer a two-day online window. Entry closing date is 18 March (since there is nothing to post out, this can be quite a bit later than normal).

Is it a paper or online competition?

KSF is not available in paper and pencil format: it is online only.

Can any school enter the KSF?

Only schools that are registered for the AMC can enter the KSF. KSF can be bundled with the (online) AMC. Schools cannot bundle KSF with paper entries in AMC. Both have to be done online. KSF and AMC will be held on different dates. KSF in March and AMC in August.

What happens once my school registers?


Once you have registered, the system will issue the required number of licences and passwords. Usernames will start with “ksf“. You will have to download this and give the usernames and passwords to the students when they start the competition. Within the competition portal, click on “Students” and download the spreadsheet. This can be in CSV or XLS format. We suggest you print these codes out and give them to your students on the day of the competition.


Make sure that each of your supervising teachers has a list of students’ usernames and passwords printed out to allocate to students on the competition day. These can be made into slips and handed out to students:

Click on Students and put KSF in the username box to display the KSF orders (right).

Click on one of the export buttons to download a spreadsheet (below). This will have the passwords.

Hide all columns except the Firstname, Surname, Username and Password columns. Increase the text size slightly and print them out. Cut all the names into thin strips so that these can be given out at the door or placed near computers when students enter the competition room on the day.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT issue passwords to students until the lesson when the students are beginning the competition.


When it’s competition time, students should go to https://competitions.amt.edu.au/ and click on Login at the top-right (see below). They then enter their KSF username and password and click the blue Login button.


Students will then be prompted to enter their first name, last name and class (i.e. school year) (see below) and click the Save button.

After clicking Save, students will see this message (see below).


Students then click on Competitions to see a list of the competition(s) they have access to. When they choose KSF the clock will begin as soon as they click Start.

How do I make sure everything is ready to go (before competition day)?

The easiest way to do this is to get your students to try some of the practice questions on our competition system. If they use the same PCs or other devices they will use during the competition (i.e. in your computer lab, library etc), you’ll be able to confirm everything is ready to go.

VERY IMPORTANT: You do not need usernames and passwords for practice questions. Do not give students the competition usernames or passwords to practice – as soon as they log in to the actual competition, the countdown clock will start and they will use up their time.

Possible issues

1.      Javascript permissions: ensure that student accounts on your system are allowed to use javascript. It is required by the competition software.

2.      Different student account types: ask your IT Manager if there are multiple student account types (with different permissions). If so, have student complete practice questions with all types.


The use of calculators is not permitted in the KSF competition.

Audio content

Our new competition platform offers audio for some competition questions. For KSF, this will be enabled for the lowest level of the practice questions only. For the actual paper, it will be enabled on all questions. You may wish to guard against unwanted audio during the competition by muting computers’ sound or insisting that students use earphones.