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The Poladian Project

Great teachers should always be celebrated and Sydney University will be doing just that this month, holding an interdisciplinary STEM-based conference to celebrate the life of Associate Professor Leon Poladian.

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digIT summer camp rocks UWA

Spinning plates, icecream carts, robot races and human pyramids – digIT camps are not your typical dry ICT events.

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2018 annual AMT state award ceremonies announces two new awards!

The Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) is celebrating the achievements of our students and teachers for 2018 at our annual state award ceremonies.

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Aussie teens score three medals at informatics Olympiad

Four Australian programming whizzes stepped up to the challenge at this year’s International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) and scooped up three medals.

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Students sit Australia’s famous mathematics competition

Today over 190,000 young Australian students will be sitting the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). It is one of Australia’s largest single educational events.

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