2020 BH Neumann Award winners announced

The B. H. Neumann Award for Excellence in Mathematics Enrichment honours the influence of Professor Bernhard H. Neumann AC (1909–2002) who, after his arrival in Australia in 1962, provided outstanding leadership, support and encouragement for mathematics and the teaching of mathematics at all levels.

The award is the Australian Maths Trust’s highest honour and acknowledgement that the Trust gives to individuals who have made a significant, ongoing and vital contribution to the teaching and learning of mathematical problem-solving in Australia.

This year’s BH Neumann Award winners have been confirmed:

  • Associate Professor Oleksiy Yevdokimov
  • Dr Scott Sciffer
  • Dr Chris Wetherell

Oleksiy Yevdokimov was a crucial contributor to the Trust’s Enrichment series as well as a member of the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) Secondary Problems Committee and the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Committee.

Scott Sciffer, based in Newcastle, has been a long serving moderator for the AMC Secondary Problems Committee and is an active contributor to mathematical enrichment programs in the Hunter Valley.

Chris Wetherell is the Trust’s Senior Mathematician and prior to this, worked as a volunteer with the AMC Secondary Problems Committee as well as the Challenge Problems Committee.

Nathan Ford, AMT’s CEO said, ‘The Trust is very fortunate to be supported by an incredibly active and enthusiastic network of mathematicians, teachers, academics and advocates. We couldn’t reach (or support) the teachers, students and school communities we do without their help.

‘Oleksiy, Scott and Chris have contributed so much, for such a long period of time to the Trust – they are all well deserving of the BH Neumann Award. I thank them for their ongoing support and thoughtful contributions.’

Due to COVID disruption, the Trust will look to formally present the three winners with their awards in 2021. Full citations will be available on the AMT website in the new year.